We create apps for cafés, bars, restaurants and theatres for customers to order,
pay and beat the queue. Find out how to create HYPER customers.

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What we offer

Designed for your business.

HYPERFOOD is a technology and marketing platform designed to help hospitality businesses increase profitability, improve brand loyalty and offer superior customer service and convenience.

Brand identity and cultural fit:
Our subscription based platform is not a 'one size fits all' product, but a unique solution designed for your business.

Simple Pricing:
A low cost monthly subscription fee, based on your needs. We can provide a quote for any specific customisation outside of the platform scope.


Mobile Ordering & Payment

Customers no longer need to wait to order or pay, allowing the business to focus on service and quality. As a consequence of shortening the physical queue your natural foot traffic will increase.

Loyalty & Rewards

Maximizing your customer retention. Regular customers are the lifeblood of your business, but customers can be fickle. Identify, target and reward your most important customers. Our innovative loyalty and reward programme can help keep your customers sticky.


Clients tend to remember negative experiences. Our app provides hooks into the ordering lifecycle to request feedback, providing you with information regarding which customers are at risk, which areas of your business need improvement and where your strengths lie.

Social Sharing

We encourage customers to share their experiences to help market your brand on social networks. By allowing content to be shared i.e. a photo of their order; it facilitates the promotion of your brand and helps you acquire new customers.

Increase Order Value & Purchase Frequency

The ease and convenience of ordering increases the average order value and purchase frequency.

Just-in-Time Ordering

With permission from your customer we can track their location in real-time. We can provide an estimated arrival time based on their location, velocity and expected route. With this information you can ensure maximum freshness when they arrive and prioritise kitchen orders.

VIP Customer Notifications

As soon as your customer enters the venue get notified with our 'iBeacon Technology' and personalise their experience. A good customer experience can build customer loyalty and retention.

Order from iPhone, Android & Tablets

Your app will be published to the Apple App Store and Google Play. We support iPhone, Android and tablet devices.

ePOS, Order Management and Kitchen Printer

We partner with leading ePOS providers to integrate HYPERFOOD into your kitchen operations. Alternatively we can provide a standalone order management system and kitchen printer. Our platform gives you control of order size and through-put allowing you to manage your kitchen at peak periods.

Customer Dashboard

Our customer dashboard allows you to keep track of orders, customers, payments and analytics.

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